ちなみに perldoc -f ってうって tab 押すと

perl built-in function
abs               exec              glob              order             seek              symlink
accept            exists            gmtime            our               seekdir           syscall
alarm             exit              goto              pack              select            sysopen
atan              exp               grep              package           semctl            sysread
bind              fcntl             hex               pipe              semget            sysseek
binmode           fileno            import            pop               semop             system
bless             flags             index             pos               send              syswrite
caller            flock             int               precision         setgrent          tell
chdir             fork              ioctl             print             sethostent        telldir
chmod             format            join              printf            setnetent         tie
chomp             formline          keys              prototype         setpgrp           tied
chop              getc              kill              push              setpriority       time
chown             getgrent          last              q                 setprotoent       times
chr               getgrgid          lc                qq                setpwent          tr
chroot            getgrnam          lcfirst           qr                setservent        truncate
close             gethostbyaddr     length            quotemeta         setsockopt        uc
closedir          gethostbyname     link              qw                shift             ucfirst
connect           gethostent        listen            qx                shmctl            umask
continue          getlogin          local             rand              shmget            undef
cos               getnetbyaddr      localtime         read              shmread           unlink
crypt             getnetbyname      lock              readdir           shmwrite          unpack
dbmclose          getnetent         log               readline          shutdown          unshift
dbmopen           getpeername       lstat             readlink          sin               untie
defined           getpgrp           m                 readpipe          size              use
delete            getppid           map               recv              sleep             utime
die               getpriority       mkdir             redo              socket            values
do                getprotobyname    msgctl            ref               socketpair        vec
dump              getprotobynumber  msgget            rename            sort              vector
each              getprotoent       msgrcv            require           splice            wait
endgrent          getpwent          msgsnd            reset             split             waitpid
endhostent        getpwnam          my                return            sprintf           wantarray
endnetent         getpwuid          next              reverse           sqrt              warn
endprotoent       getservbyname     no                rewinddir         srand             write
endpwent          getservbyport     oct               rindex            stat              y
endservent        getservent        open              rmdir             study
eof               getsockname       opendir           s                 sub
eval              getsockopt        ord               scalar            substr


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perldoc って打ち込んででなんとなく癖で tab 押したら

zsh: do you wish to see all 2113 possibilities (1008 lines)?


perl base pods
a2p             perlapi         perldebug       perlfilter      perllol         perlothrtut     perltie
perl            perlapio        perldelta       perlfork        perlmachten     perlpacktut     perltoc
perl5004delta   perlapollo      perldgux        perlform        perlmacos       perlplan9       perltodo
perl5005delta   perlartistic    perldiag        perlfreebsd     perlmacosx      perlpod         perltooc
perl561delta    perlbeos        perldoc         perlfunc        perlmint        perlpodspec     perltoot
perl56delta     perlbook        perldos         perlgpl         perlmod         perlport        perltrap
perl570delta    perlboot        perldsc         perlguts        perlmodinstall  perlqnx         perltru64
perl571delta    perlbot         perlebcdic      perlhack        perlmodlib      perlre          perltw
perl572delta    perlbs2000      perlembed       perlhist        perlmodstyle    perlref         perlunicode
perl573delta    perlcall        perlepoc        perlhpux        perlmpeix       perlreftut      perluniintro
perl581delta    perlce          perlfaq         perlhurd        perlnetware     perlrequick     perlutil
perl582delta    perlcheat       perlfaq1        perlintern      perlnewmod      perlreref       perluts
perl583delta    perlclib        perlfaq2        perlintro       perlnumber      perlretut       perlvar
perl584delta    perlcn          perlfaq3        perliol         perlobj         perlrun         perlvmesa
perl585delta    perlcompile     perlfaq4        perlipc         perlop          perlsec         perlvms
perl586delta    perlcygwin      perlfaq5        perlirix        perlopenbsd     perlsolaris     perlvos
perl587delta    perldata        perlfaq6        perljp          perlopentut     perlstyle       perlwin32
perl58delta     perldbmfilter   perlfaq7        perlko          perlos2         perlsub         perlxs
perlaix         perldebguts     perlfaq8        perllexwarn     perlos390       perlsyn         perlxstut
perlamiga       perldebtut      perlfaq9        perllocale      perlos400       perlthrtut
Perl modules and .pods
enc/            gmailfs/        public_html/    shfs/           temp/           win/            workdir/


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setopt no_flow_control

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zsh + regexp

zshでは正規表現は使えないと思っていたのだけど [0-9] とかは使えるらしい。

[a-z]{2} とか [a-z]{2,5} とかも使えた。

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